The Summer Rain

This summer I cannot write, the pages of my soul have dried up…..there’s nothing I can do, sitting below a leafless tree, under the scorching sun waiting for you, hoping one day you will come back.
This place is very sad there’s nothing around, the roads to the cities are lost, there’s no one that lives here in this abandoned land except me and these blank pages with our memories all around. The desert sometimes laughs at me and calls him more fertile than my memories with you. In the midst of this darkness, under the merciless summer sun… I am waiting for you to come back and take me with you to the land of happiness, which we knew once blossomed, in our heart.
I am waiting for the summer rain to rescue me,but the clouds are no more in love with desert it seems.For now even they are afraid to fall in love, even they have abandoned us. It’s only me and the lifeless desert, both waiting, waiting for the rain to fall, waiting for you to come and take our lives away.desert_tree_by_inextremiss-d4jkhca

In the midst of nowhere here I am waiting…waiting for what I don’t know. I don’t know whether these blank pages will ever see ink over them,kiss them, touch them gently, and write tales that generation shall read.The only thing that I know is far away some mad cloud is falling in love with a beautiful desert, and the wind is calling me and whispering “Get up its already raining there”.


The Mystic Goodbye

And then you waved goodbye, with tears in your eyes and a faint smile on your face, I remember it was difficult for you to even utter those simple words, I remember how tears dropped from your cheeks and you held my hands, I knew you never wanted to go, I knew we were never going to meet, the way you gazed into my eyes and touched my heart. I remember …with every seconds that passed you held me tighter, the fear of separation was inside us both, still I pretended to be strong and made you laugh. Time was running out… both said nothing; both knew there was nothing that words would have said, than what silence did.

Still I am hopeful that one day you’ll come back, you will come back running with same tears rolling out of your eyes, but this time these will be the tears of joy, this time these will be the tears of hope, this time neither I will make you laugh, nor will stop them. For this time I will let you wash me with your tears, for I will be around your arms. For this time I will cry harder than you, for this time the concept of ‘two soul’ will no longer hold good, for this time even separation will cry with us, and no Goodbye will ever dare to separate us.